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169,00 €
Fabricante: Ares - AMOEBA
Texto do fabricante:  
Weight: 4,100 g
Length: 1,085 mm
Capacity: 45 rds
Power: 400 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Bolt Action


The Amoeba AS-01 is designed to be ergonomic and modular. The design of this rifle takes it inspiration from other familiar platforms with a focus on being light weight and maneuverable. The polymer stock emphasizes modularity of the rifle includes the length adjustable butt pads, replaceable cheek rest, and replaceable finger groove front grip panel. 
The AS-01 features several desirable attributes such as a cock indicator, 23mm clockwise thraded barrel, short stroked pull action for a shorter pull action for quicker shorts, steel loading nozzle for enhanced durability, and adjustable trigger pull distance and pull pressure. This sniper rifle also comes in four different colors (OD Green, Grey, Black, FDE) making it a great choice for different plays and different airsoft fields. Out of the box the AS-01 shoots at 400fps and has an ammo capacity of 45 rounds in a magazine. 

Upgrade potentials of the gun is also quite good, it accepts AEG springs, takes VSR-10 spec cocking handle, hop-up bucking and inner barrels. 
Peso do Produto: 5.0000 kg
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